Wínk Hotels is located at 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1 – the administrative and economic center of the HCMC. The hotel is impressed by the new and innovative design with colorful decorative aluminum and Strip windows for the façade. In particular, Strip windows is a new product system designed by BM Windows with 3 glass panels machined entirely at the factory, and installed at the construction site.

Currently, the aluminum and glass aluminum package of BM Windows has completed more than 90% of the total volume and gradually comes to completion stage. When completed, the project promises to become an interesting “check in” location of Saigon.

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Tổng thể dự án Wink Hotel

Dự án đã hoàn thiện hơn 90% hạng mục nhôm kính

Cận cảnh hệ Strip Window và lam nhôm trang trí