Wínk hotels – a wind of changes in mid-range hotel segment

Videos 21/12/2020

Located in the center of magnificent Saigon, Wínk Hotels is present with a unique architecture that makes it impossible to mix with any previous works. Wínk is built in the architectural style with the interference between classical and modern, between Eastern and Western cultures, creating a creative and unique beauty. The exterior of Wínk Hotels was made by BM Windows with impressive textures and diverse colors of aluminum bars. Doors are probably one of the most distinctive features of the Wínk hotel design, besides the colorful aluminum slats, the large glass panel, opening up a very open space. This makes the whole city look like an epitome in a live frame.

Wínk Hotels is positioned by Indochina Kajima (ICC-Kajima) as a mid-range luxury hotel segment, aimed at the generation of modern tourists but still respects the local culture. It is known that Wínk Hotels is a new hotel brand with a chain of more than 20 projects to be deployed in the Indochina region.