HR Policies

We consider human as the core value and solid foundation for BM Windows to constantly develop while creating efficient added-value for customers.

As a result, each and every contribution by company’s employees will be recognized properly by not only through monthly compensation, but also through bonus, welfare and the major opportunities for self-improvement.

Chính sách nhân sự BMW

Talent development

+ Recruitment training
+ Specialized training
+ Soft skills training
+ Development of inheritance force
+ Safety training
+ Talent cultivating

Equivalence remuneration


+ Proportional to work performance.
+ Competitive to current market
+ Fair and transparent
+ Long term bonding


+ Annually income increase
+ Benefits raise based on work proficiency
+ Job rotation – Promotion opportunities
+ Personal excellence recognition


+ Uniform
+ Traveling fee (Airplane ticket)
+ Mobile phone
+ Accommodation
+ Lunch
+ Transportation

Chính sách nhân sự BMW
Chính sách nhân sự BMW

Health and fun above all

+ Regular health check
+ Annual vacation
+ Team building exercises
+ Bao Viet insurance