BM Windows façade is a combination of two elements: the aesthetics of the project architecture and the structural sustainability complying with technical specifications.

At the Hilton Saigon project, BM Windows deploys a highly complex façade system including various type of curtain wall from the customized designed Unitized system with protruding sunshades emphasizing the architectural design to Semi-Unitized system supporting county levered canopy to the aluminium composite cladding panel with 3D block unique design style.

The structural design of Curtain Wall system is a design capable of absorbing all superstructure movements and pressure balancing system that absolutely ensures the airtight and watertight ability, meeting technical specifications and providing the optimal solution for the project.

The technical design applies and adheres to the standards of avoid fire frog leaping from floor to floor.

In-house Laboratory racking tests ensure façade integrity in conditions of nature. Therefore, the façade system remains solid even in the event of an earthquake (up to 6 Richter).

Façade installation views at Hilton Saigon: